I had a busy weekend painting Mya’s new bedroom and the results are awesome! She wanted purple walls again but something lighter than her existing bedroom (Pittsburgh Paints ‘Purple Dusk’ ATC-74) so I took her into the paint store and she selected Benjamin Moore’s Inspired (AF-595) from the Affinity Collection.

Here’s a shot of her existing bedroom

We are keeping the bed and her custom slipcovered headboard that we made (she picked the blue floral fabric of course!). We are also re-using her roman shade since it fits the window in her new bedroom and she still loves the bird fabric.

Mya decided on a zig-zag/chevron pattern for the largest wall in her new bedroom so I sketched out some designs on the computer to scale and she picked her favourite. I painted 3 walls in the ‘Inspired’ purple colour and the large accent wall in white so it would be ready for our new chevron pattern.

I spent at least an hour measuring, leveling and marking all of the points on the grid to make the pattern. It took a long time but it was definitely worth it! Here is the wall taped and ready for paint.

Here’s what it looked like after one coat of the purple, I love the contrast between the white and purple, it’s graphic yet not too overwhelming. I had considered using a light gray but I’m convinced white was definitely the right choice.Here’s the finished wall after I applied the second coat of paint. We are thrilled with the results and Mya can’t wait to move into her new room!


So with less than 4 months to go before baby arrives I thought I’d better get the nursery design in gear. Although we still need a crib I bought fabrics for the nursery in hopes that I can sew the drapery and slipcover the rocker in the next month or so.

Because we don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl I am keeping the colour scheme gender neutral but definitely not ‘neutral’! I want the space to be fresh and inviting with a good dose of colour but nothing too overwhelming because it’s a small space (and because we want this baby to sleep!)

I started out with this great geometric black and white print and I’m using it on the drapery. It’s going to be bold but I wanted a pattern for the drapes to really set the tone for the room.

Drapery for the Nursery

The indigo blue linen blend will be the banding on the drapery, I think it will add just enough colour and it will allow the black and white to really pop!

We already have an Ikea Lilberg rocking chair that we are going to reuse in the nursery, it’s quite comfortable but the arms are wood so I think I’ll make some padded covers for them.

I am slipcovering the cushions in this indigo blue microfibre (baby-proof!) and I am going to use this great blue/gray/lime striped fabric for an ottoman. The chair will sit in front of the window so I wanted a solid, coloured fabric so that it doesn’t compete with the graphic print on the drapery.

Finally, I have some fun accent fabrics for a crib skirt, toss cushion and for the change pad.

The next step is testing paint colours! I’m leaning towards a green like Benjamin Moore’s Pale Avocado. The nursery doesn’t get a lot of natural light so selecting the right green is going to be key. I’ll keep you posted!

I love fabrics and after sewing some things for my niece last year I started looking around at some of the modern graphic prints that were available and decided to start making bibs, blankets, burp cloths etc. I have now launched a line of modern baby accessories called Pure Colour Baby which I am selling on my Etsy store here.You can also view some of my merchandise on my Facebook page here.

My favourite fabrics are graphic, modern and colourful. I love this giraffe print:

Giraffe Bib & Burp Cloth Set

I also couldn’t resist getting this teal owl print, it’s so fun and would suit a boy or a girl

Owl Bib & Burp Cloth Set


I have also made some pacifier/toy tethers which are great for keeping toys and soothers off the floor. The clips have plastic teeth so they won’t damage clothing and the velcro on the opposite end is adjustable so it will fit around any soother or small toy.

Pacifier Clip/Toy Tether

This Saturday June 16th I will be exhibiting my new items at Birth Fest! It’s going to be a great event so please come by if you are in the Kingston area.

I will be showing my new pregnancy pillows and all of the great baby accessories that I’ve been working on over the past few months!

Last summer I purchased a great vintage sofa at a thrift shop with the intentions of reupholstering it. It was in fantastic condition but the fabric was rosey coloured and I just couldn’t stand the colour. I finally found a great fabric a couple of months ago and it’s finally finished!

Vintage Sofa – ‘Before’

I started by removing the old upholstery fabric and piping which is definitely the hardest part of the job for me! The frame and springs were in good condition but the loose cushions were a little flat so I added some thick polyester batting to each cushion before I recovered them.

It was a lot of work and I’m glad this wasn’t my first upholstery project (although I’m self-taught). It is  such a nice piece and I didn’t want it to look sloppy or like a slipcover. I’m thrilled with the end result and my husband is also happy because it cost much less than a new sofa!

Sofa – ‘After’

Sofa – ‘After’

Next on my list is sewing some new toss cushions! I’m still searching for that next fabric 🙂

I was so excited when I first heard that DwellStudio was introducing a furniture line and it’s finally arrived!

Christiane Lemieux, the founder and creative director is super talented and I knew that whatever they released would be fabulous. Their fabrics have continued to set the trends and inspire many rooms and I think this new furniture line really sets itself apart from other companies. It has a great distinct style with a very mid-century influence.

DwellStudio Jensen Chair

One of my favourites is the Hans chair. It’s available in fabric or leather and I love the sculpted wood frame.

DwellStudio Hans Chair

The clean lines and 50’s style of the Edward Sofa would make it feel right at home in a modern or traditional interior. I love that they’ve done an interesting wood base, just another thing that sets it apart from other sofas.

DwellStudio Edward Sofa

They have also introduced a line of tables, my favourite is the Milo coffee table. It’s fabulous, yet simple shape give it a unique feel and the gray shagreen finish is gorgeous!

DwellStudio Milo Table

They also have a great line of accessories that are going to be on everyone’s wish list! You can check out all of the new DwellStudio lines here.

Many of my clients over the years have been resistant to changing their trim colour to something other than Ultra White. It can make a huge difference in your overall paint scheme and it’s worth considering, especially if you are using mid-tone or darker wall colours.

This photo is a great example of trim that is too bright for the wall and drapery colours. I would recommend a colour like Mascarpone AF-20 for the trim in this room to minimize the contrast slightly. If the client’s didn’t have white vinyl windows I would suggest something even a bit darker but you have to be careful with creamy trim colours and bright white vinyl windows. Usually I try to find the right white for the room keeping it light enough to look okay with the vinyl.

The first thing you should consider before selecting your white are the ‘permanent’ whites in your home that already exist and cannot (or won’t) be changed (appliances, white floors, white furniture etc.)

Best Crisp Whites
Paint Colours by Benjamin Moore

Simply White OC-117

This colour has just a few drops of yellow and a hint of black in it so it’s quite versatile yet warmer than the stark Ultra White. It works well when your neutral colours are either taupe or gray.
I have used Simply White on my trim and doors in our new house and it’s the perfect white for our colour scheme. One of the main reasons I selected this white is because it was a very close match to our new Ikea Applad kitchen cabinets. It also works really well with the blues and grays in our home and since I tend to use cooler colours on my walls it will work in the future when I change my paint colours. A warm/creamy white would have appeared to yellow against the grays and blues.

An example of Simply White on window casing with white cabinets

Oxford White CC-30

Oxford White is a great crisp white with almost no yellow in it. I recommend using this colour when you have white appliances or floors or when you are looking to have a very clean bright white. I dislike Ultra White as it tends to be very harsh against anything deeper than pastel colours so Oxford White is a great alternative. Also, unless you purchase very high quality paint, the factory whites tend to be grayish and can look very dingy.

Best Warm Whites
Paint Colours by Benjamin Moore

Mascarpone AF-20

This is one of my favourite whites for cabinets, trim & doors and ceilings. It has just enough warmth to it and it works well with warmer colour schemes yet it still reads as a white. I have used it in many clients homes and it looks great.

Vanilla Ice Cream OC-90

Vanilla Ice Cream is a beautiful soft, creamy white that is great with historical or earthy colour schemes. It really softens the contrast between richer paint colours and the trim/doors in the space.

Mayonnaise OC-85

A great choice if you are looking for a clean warm white. Mayonnaise is fresh and bright and it works well with an equally fresh colour scheme.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

If you have bright white appliances then painting your cabinets in a warm white like Mayonnaise or Vanilla Ice Cream will make them look dingy. White appliances tend to be very cool whites with bluish undertones (although check yours by holding paint chips up to them as there are some exceptions). I recommend keeping your kitchen cabinets in the same white as your trim and doors when possible. Unless you are using creamy whites and you don’t have white appliances. Then you can mix them up a bit more and have a warmer white on the cabinets.

Keep in mind that any colour looks different on a larger surface and cabinets are no exception. I’ve had several clients use Cloud White (CC-40) expecting to see a creamy look when it tends to appear brighter and less creamy on cabinetry.

If you have a wood finish on your kitchen cabinets and are considering painting them, see my post here about painting wood cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore's Cloud White

The best way to figure out which white is best for your colour scheme is to hold all of the paint chips together and add a white to the mix. Try holding a bright white paint chip and then a slightly softer/creamy white and you’ll see which looks better with your colour scheme. Often clients think they want the Ultra White until they see the whole palette together with it. Ultra White can look very stark and out of place unless you are using very pale colours throughout your home. Most colour schemes require a white with some tint to it to help minimize the contrast between the wall colours and the trim. Keep this in mind for ceilings too!

My last tip is to always, always try paint samples! Never select a paint colour based only on the tiny paint chip. Colours always look different when shown in real paint on a larger swatch.

When you have kitchen cabinetry in a wood finish it’s often discussed whether or not to paint the cabinets. I have often had this discussion with clients and many are unhappy with the kitchen but they don’t have the budget to replace the cabinetry. More often the cabinetry is in good condition and the layout works but the finishes make the space feel dated.

Jason Ball Interiors eclectic kitchen

If you find yourself in any of these situations, then you should think about getting out your paintbrush.

1. Your layout works and the kitchen is functional but you aren’t happy with the style or colour scheme.

2. You have lived with the same kitchen for several years and you really want to change it without having to deal with a renovation.

3. You are considering selling your house and your kitchen is more than 10 years old.

4. You have golden oak cabinets like these:

Or a washed finish which resembles dusty rose like these:

Painting your cabinets can give your kitchen a great update and it’s the fraction of the cost of new cabinetry. In many kitchens there is more cabinetry than wall space so the colour of the cabinets really sets the tone for the space. If you’ve ever drastically changed the paint colour in a room you can understand the impact that colour has in large doses.

Painting cabinetry is not difficult but it can be time consuming and it requires patience but the payoff is huge. See these examples:

Stamford Kitchen Detail traditional kitchen
VP Interiors 2010 contemporary kitchen
Olentangy Falls ~ Delaware, OH contemporary kitchen

If you need a referral to a great painting contractor in the Kingston area, email me at