The Mod Gender Neutral Nursery

So with less than 4 months to go before baby arrives I thought I’d better get the nursery design in gear. Although we still need a crib I bought fabrics for the nursery in hopes that I can sew the drapery and slipcover the rocker in the next month or so.

Because we don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl I am keeping the colour scheme gender neutral but definitely not ‘neutral’! I want the space to be fresh and inviting with a good dose of colour but nothing too overwhelming because it’s a small space (and because we want this baby to sleep!)

I started out with this great geometric black and white print and I’m using it on the drapery. It’s going to be bold but I wanted a pattern for the drapes to really set the tone for the room.

Drapery for the Nursery

The indigo blue linen blend will be the banding on the drapery, I think it will add just enough colour and it will allow the black and white to really pop!

We already have an Ikea Lilberg rocking chair that we are going to reuse in the nursery, it’s quite comfortable but the arms are wood so I think I’ll make some padded covers for them.

I am slipcovering the cushions in this indigo blue microfibre (baby-proof!) and I am going to use this great blue/gray/lime striped fabric for an ottoman. The chair will sit in front of the window so I wanted a solid, coloured fabric so that it doesn’t compete with the graphic print on the drapery.

Finally, I have some fun accent fabrics for a crib skirt, toss cushion and for the change pad.

The next step is testing paint colours! I’m leaning towards a green like Benjamin Moore’s Pale Avocado. The nursery doesn’t get a lot of natural light so selecting the right green is going to be key. I’ll keep you posted!


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